The Startup Notebook

"Turn your ideas into validated startup action plans,
using the 'Lean Startup' concepts we all love.
It's like a specially designed Moleskine for entrepreneurs."

Structure your Ideas

Start by writing down your vision and then expand it towards a fully viable startup idea you can validate.

Designed for Lean

Use 'Lean Startup' methodology to get to exactly the right plan for your startup with minimized risks before investing lots of money and time.

Validate, Validate, Validate!

Validation worksheets included to make validation of your startup easy and painless. Easy to bring along your notebook when you get out of the building.

Print & Customize

The Startup Notebook comes as a PDF that you download and is intended to be printed in the configuration you prefer. Print copies for yourself and all your entrepreneurial friends!

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Why Startup Notebook?

A notebook is a great way to collect and manage your startup ideas.

If you are a fan of the Lean Startup then you'll need a way to manage your canvasses, validation and interation information.

Tada! Startup Notebook combines this into one specifically designed and optimized format.

Designed from Scratch

In order to make the Lean Canvas or Business Model Canvas work in this notebook format, it was important to redesign them to fit inside a notebook workflow.

That means you will recognize a lot from the canvas methods, but you'll find that the notebook uses them in a way to fit a notebook workflow better.

Updates Included

Just like your startup plans, this ebook is always being improved an expanded.

Your purchase gives you access to free updates for a year and after that it is just $9.95/year. Got all you need? No worries, just hit cancel.

These templates come included with the Startup Notebook.
Everything you need to design your next venture.

Describe & structure your vision using the Manifesto

Describe your vision, brand and first ideas about the problem, solution and clients.

Workout the Problem / Solution Fit

Work through the process of optimizing the problem/solution fit using client feedback.

Design the Product / Market Fit

Figure out how to package your solution into a product that can scale in a target market.

Get the numbers straight using the Cash-flow Model

Research the numbers and get the margins straight.

Use Validation Worksheets for tracking progress

Use these sheets to structure your validation efforts and to log results.

Since the ebook is intended for you to print to your needs, you can also make various combinations to suit your workflow.

"I love how it feels like my Moleskine notebooks where I used to keep my startup notes and ideas. Now everything is structured and ready to go."

Mark D.
"The way it structures my creative process into solid startup plans is priceless. A true no-brainer to get this when you're a founder. Even after launch it helps you get better."

John M.
"Download, print and ready to go into my next brainstorm session. Awesome!"

Paul R.

Why is it a subscription?

Because that way it is easy to send you updates for a full year. And we believe the updates are so valuable for your startup development, that you will keep the subscription alive for many years to come. If not, or just want the one time ebook? Cancel anytime, even immediately after getting the ebook.

Why not just use lean canvas prints?

The Startup Notebook is designed to make the canvas process fit inside the notebook format. So by all means do use the lean canvas or business model canvas in team sessions. The Startup Notebook is intended to be complementary to the canvasses for personal use.

Can I get a printed copy?

We've been getting a lot of inquiries about a physical printed Startup Notebook. Very much like a Moleskine version of the Startup Notebook. That is why we are starting a Kickstarter campaign to bring the Startup Notebook into the physical world.

Pre-printed Moleskine quality notebooks that give you all the tools you need to work through the inspiration for your next startup. If you would also like a printed Startup Notebook, please pre-register here.